we will be utopians

learnt how to make tea thats not in teabags today


stop telling me i’m not fat start telling me it’s not a bad thing that i am

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basically tomorrow i need to find the most diplomatic way to tell my mum that i got kicked off the language assistant programme and instead am spending the next eight months doing an unpaid placement in a chateau converted into a buddhist temple

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Frederik Meijnen by Jasper Albers, Prestage


Frida Kahlo, 1944
Lola Alvarez Bravo


this gif goes with every song

I think the last of my innocence will be completely obliterated if Obama turns out to be a cunt.

Spectral Green Star Machine, 2010

"Swell" Vase, 2011


I was asked to design a mini golf hole as part of the Bright Artist Mini-Golf Series. Which was exhibited in Berlin this year as part of the 2012 Bright Trade Show.

My hole was titled ‘Right of Passage’

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